Third Party Reproduction

Our pioneering donor egg program established in 1988 by our Director and Physician-in-Chief Zev Rosenwaks, M.D. enables our patients to conceive with donated egg(s). CRM recruits and screens all donors in person. CRM has a private egg bank for our patients. CRM will work with intended parents who recruit their own egg donors through licensed agencies or through family/friends as long as the donor can be evaluated and have her egg retrieval procedure at CRM. CRM is not affiliated with commercial egg banks. 

At CRM, we assist intended parents with advanced maternal age, premature ovarian failure, repetitive IVF failure, or risk of inherited genetic disease, as well as LGBTQ+ intended parents to achieve the goal of pregnancy with in vitro fertilization technology. Indeed, nearly 70% of our donor egg treatments result in pregnancy. 

CRM has been helping patients using non-compensated gestational surrogates for over a decade. The legalization of compensated gestational surrogacy in New York State in February 2021 resulted in the development of a more robust gestational surrogacy program for intended parents who meet our criteria and choose these assisted reproductive technology services to build their families. 


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