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Medical Secretaries

Dr. Rosenwaks
Assistants: Wally Padillo and Shannon Crowley
(646) 962-3743

Dr. Davis
Assistants: Tramaine Scott and Erica Luong
(646) 962-3765

Dr. Chung
Assistants: Alice Jiang and Joy Jiang
(646) 962-3838

Dr. Elias
Assistant: Jessica Gould
(646) 962-7860

Dr. Goldschlag
Assistants: Shanise Jackson and Arra Cho
(646) 962-3767

Dr. Kang
Assistant: Diana Pak
(646) 962-5626
(516) 742-4100

Dr. Kligman
Assistants: Marianna Progni and Vanessa Graciani
(646) 962-3814

Dr. Melnick
Assistants: Jaresyss Gordon and Connie Luong
(646) 962-7650

Dr. Palermo
(646) 962-6772

Dr. Pereira
Assistant: Yazmin Sanchez
(646) 962-7499

Dr. Pfeifer
Assistants: Hiral Kalia and Sarah Cambria
(646) 962-7499

Dr. Reichman
Assistants: Xiomara Guzman and Katie Walsh
(646) 962-7499

Dr. Schattman
Assistants: Una Cullen and Melanie Gerena
(646) 962-3836

Dr. Spandorfer
Assistants: Carolina Morales and Gisselle Sanchez
(646) 962-3638

Dr. Stewart
Assistant: Sherrell Griffin
(646) 962-3868

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