Research Nursing

CRM's Researching Nursing Specialists support the Center's research goals and facilitate the research program's growth. Their tasks include:

  • Enrolling and monitoring patients in voluntary clinical trials
  • Establishing and maintaining research processes
  • Assisting the Center's physicians and scientists with the initiation, planning and coordination of study activities Preparing research protocols
  • Reviewing new research studies to ensure conformance to institution, IRB and other regulatory guidelines


Mitasha Joseph-Sohan, N.P., M.P.A., C.C.R.P.
Research Nurse Specialist
(646) 962-3382

Rodriq Stubbs, N.P., C.C.R.P.
Research Practice Administrator
(646) 962-3276

Iman Mohammed, M.P.H.
Research Specialist
(646) 962-3274

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