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Treatment Consent Forms

Consent documents must be signed by the patient and partner (if applicable) prior to each treatment cycle. Consent documents may be returned in the office, faxed to (646) 962-0329 or emailed to

Please feel free to contact the office by telephone with any questions:

  • Rodriq Stubbs, NP: (646) 962-3276
  • Mitasha Joseph, RN, MPA: (646) 962-3382
  • Amy Humphreys, MPH: (646) 962-3274
Fertility Preservation (Egg Freezing)
Frozen Embryo Transfer
Frozen Sperm Consents
Frozen Sperm- Andrology Laboratory Storage Consents

These documents are required for each transport of sperm vials from any outside facility. 

Handouts and Class Slides

IVF Pre-Op Video
Fertility Preservation
Ovulation Induction
Donor Egg Recipient Information
Donor Sperm

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